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BPC-157 -5mg


CAS: 137525-51-0
MF: C62H98N16O22
MW: 1419.56
EINECS: 211-519-9


Buy BPC-157 Research Peptides

We classify BPC-157 as a synthetic peptide chain that has 15 amino acids. The molecule cannot be found in nature, and scientists create it by utilizing stomach proteins.

So far, we have performed several studies that involve this substance. All of them were done on rodents, and the initial results indicate that BPC-157 might have a strong protective potential outside the stomach. When in the stomach, the molecule works by protecting us from ulcerations. But it might also help with various inflammations (acute and chronic), fistulas, joint and bone damage, organ issues, etc.

BPC-157 might also have some neuroprotective traits. Based on one particular study, the substance had a positive impact on rats’ brains after being exposed to a specific research toxin. Furthermore, it might also provide cellular protection and regeneration after invasive procedures. Of course, these studies are only in their initial phases and have only utilized animal subjects.

It would take us much more time to establish the true impact of BPC-157 on the human body. At this point, the researchers are still considering all the potential interactions and whether the substance has a singular or complex mechanism of action.

Although the studies are still in their early phases, the scientists argue that the BPC-157 could be utilized for the following:

  • Improved healing of wounds, whether we’re talking about nerve damage, muscles, tendons, or ligaments.
  • Significant anti-inflammatory properties.
  • If the substance could reduce the inflammation, it might also affect the pain that goes with it.
  • Various enhancements to digestion.
  • A positive impact on the synthesis of growth hormone.
  • BPC-157 might help with leaky gut (otherwise known as inflamed intestinal epithelium condition).
  • BPC-157 might help with IBS (otherwise known as inflamed irritable bowel syndrome).


BPC-157 has a lot of promise, additional studies are needed to understand its full potential.

What are Peptides?

Synthetic research peptide BPC-157  researched for its regenerative effects. The BPC157 peptide is a sequence of amino acids with a molecular formula of 98 hydrogens, 62 carbons, 22 oxygen atoms, and 16 nitrogens.
BPC-157 shown in studies to increase healing properties in test subjects. Known as the “wolverine” peptide its usage is well documented online.

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