Back pain treatment Denver

The exercise helps to gently reteach the body how to function with proper alignment and posture. It frees the channels that house the sciatic nerves while elongating important muscles. As you reach to your body’s extent, the nerves which are being impinged or compressed will rediscover their proper position in the complex structure of your […]

Leg pain and Sciatica treatment Denver

Using the towel to brace the lifted leg, slowly and gently extend your bent leg upward until it stops. You will feel a tremendous stretch in your hamstring, calve, buttocks and lower back. Be sure to keep your toes pointed in the direction of your head at all times.

Tension headache treatment at Denver

Piriformis pain masking as sciatica is rare, but the same exercises for this condition will work. If you cannot bend at the knees, take a slightly-modified leaning position. Sit on the floor with one leg extended backward and the other in front with the knee turned inward. This is sometimes known as a hurdler’s stretch. […]

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is about how to evaluate dose-balances fundamentals of each patient through a complete detailed medical history, physical examination, and lab tests. Functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just a group of isolated symptoms. This treatment method is all about curing chronic disease factors. Functional medicine is to understand the origins, prevention, and […]

Peptides – Increase Muscle Mass And Overall Athletic Performance

If you’re into physical conditioning, you’re probably aware of the growing interest in Peptides, and their increasing use in the world of fitness and athletics. You might have heard that peptides are the latest wonder-supplement, with promises that they burn fat, build muscle and improve all-round athletic performance. As with anything that’s relatively new on […]